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Who We Are

Welcome, friend! You've been REEFERred to The Green Room's sensory dispensary and community of like-minded lovers of local cannabis, kava, kratom, amanita mushrooms, and more! Our micro-lounge hosts small events with immersive visuals and sound installations, games and far-out media.We deliver in Asheville & ship nationwide. 

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We believe in karma & appreciate that we are built by our community. We focus on supporting local bands and brands, and YOU as well! That's why we rely on a word-of-mouth system, to instantly pay a commission to everyone who personally "reefers" a new customer to our community...and not just once- but every time they make a purchase! That's right- You'll see cash deposits directed to your Paypal account with every single purchase your referrals make with us. You can also collect grassback points with your own purchases- that's more cash for your stash! 


Why do we do this? Although some call us crazy for this strategy and tell us we're giving too much away to the custies, we beg to differ. We are to serve our community. So we're inviting our supporters to also benefit from their belief in what we're offering. Our commission system provides an innovative way to make passive income- great for bands, networkers and social media influencers with large networks. Secondly, when money is spent with small, woman-owned businesses, more of those profits circulate in the community toward other local businesses, individual side hustles, tips, and ultimately support a unique culture. This is the importance of shopping locally over big chains with lesser local impact. We are willing to put our money where your mouth is, so you can support and enjoy more local bands & brands with us. We're not a faceless corporation. We are a reflection of our community. Let's lift it, while getting lifted!


Sign up here for the REEFER-ALL program to get your custom link, connect your PayPal and Enter the site

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